Why Some Tornadoes Go Undetected – Entertainment Videos

Each tornado is a possibility to capture. Tornadoes are scary enough. Do you think about what it might be like to experience a tornado with no warning? When you first realize a tornado is upon you then it will be to tear your roof apart. These surprise tornadoes can be deadly. If you’re worried about damaging your roof, you’ll be glad. In this video, you will learn more about undetectable tornadoes.

Doppler radars are the most common way to identify tornadoes. Doppler radar is a method of shooting invisible lasers into storms in order to determine if they reflect light from elements like rain or hail. That’s why you are able to clearly see the storms in radar. They can only detect tornadoes which aren’t wind or pillars. Instead, they look for velocity couplets and hooks in the radar that indicate what the best place for a tornado to be. When it comes to large tornadoes this works very well. This kind of indicator might appear less obvious in smaller tornadoes. A series of storms that are powerful could produce QLCS tornades on the course of a cold front. The small-sized tornadoes are often undetected by radar and can destroy towns that are not aware of it.