Where Does Your Water Bottle Come From? – Food Talk Online


It is then filtered in order to get rid of any impurities and harmful substances. It is however treated underground to remove impurities and contaminants and is then subjected to the process of purification. The water comes from natural springs.
Deer Park Natural Spring Water was brought to US by Deer Park. The water is extracted from a natural spring. The water is safe to drink and contains a natural mix of minerals.

Smartwater Purified Water is a packaged water supplier that delivers a pure and hydrating taste. The company also provides a premium taste of water with electrolytes that make it taste better.

Poland Spring Natural Spring Water is another popular brand from Poland. Since 2006, the bottled water has become the most sought-after water product in America. The water, therefore, originates from the springs that are natural to Maine. The springs are guaranteed to provide a refreshing flavor.

Aquafina Purified Water is sourced from water sources of public use that were subjected to an extremely rigorous filtration process. This ensures it is completely safe to drink. The water that is bottled promises to be refreshing and contains all the minerals.

There is a wide range different sources of bottled water all over the globe. You can get it through springs, or cleanse it. For a better understanding, take a look at the video.