What to Expect from Septic Tank Pumping – AT HOME INSPECTIONS


A regular septic tank pumping schedule is crucial to maintaining the health of your sewer system including drainage fields. Tanks that are overloaded and haven’t been maintained for an extended period of time may cause septic to be leaking into your garden. Additionally, the tank could become clogged and put undue stress on the leach field, resulting in the destruction of thousands of dollars.
The video shows how the technician first uses the probe to identify the septic tank. To locate your septic tank the engineer will examine your home. After locating the tank, technicians will open the cover and attach the pump in order to drain the tank.
The tech in the video shows you step-by step process of connecting the tank the pump. Through this process, the tank is completely empty. After the tank has been empty, the technician will inspect the tank’s visual appearance to make sure everything is in good order.
If you’re in need of to fill your tank with water and need to know how, this video will equip the user with important information.