What Happens During a Fire Sprinkler Inspection? – AT HOME INSPECTIONS

You may have questions regarding what happens at an inspection.

This instructional video will teach you what inspectors of the fire sprinkler systems are looking for in an inspection.

Scott Rose is a 22-year professional in the field of fire protection. He will explain the steps for inspections of the fire sprinklers, and what inspectors of the fire suppression system are looking for during their inspection.

The significance of having a system for preventing fires cannot be undervalued. With proper sprinkler systems, the fire is stopped from spreading before it reaches the point of serious destruction. This means that fires cause a fraction of the damage which they could cause.

This instructional video will assist you to comprehend what the inspectors are searching for in a fire suppression system. Also, you can perform some minor inspections as you like, but you must still conduct regular inspections from a professional. da9tucx4o6.


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