What Are the Responsibilities for Commercial Landlords in Chicago – Skyline Newspaper


The clip goes through various lease types and explains exactly who is accountable for what. A full-service lease, for instance, puts all the responsibility on the landlord to take care of the property.
Landlords and tenants alike need to understand the differences in lease contracts, as well as the impact on their obligations. Owners who are novices often make important mistakes in their lease contracts.
Some leases leave new tenants entirely responsible for their upkeep and even contain a percentage of taxes on property. This video will identify who’s accountable based on the lease type.
This important data can clarify the reasons the reasons why certain landlords are more responsible for their property more than other owners. Owners and tenants alike can profit from this knowledge. The video will outline the obligations of Chicago landlords as well as how signing the proper lease might mean for them.