Three Reasons to Add a RSS Aggregator Script to Your Webpage

Are you looking for a free, easy way to grow your web traffic? No matter what type of website you run, the fact is that you need to get it in front of as many people as possible for it to make a splash in the modern age. After all, according to Business News, there are currently 644 million active websites. Yours needs to stand out anyway it can to rise above the deluge of web content. Here are the three ways installing a RSS aggregator script on your page can help you do just that.

  • It’s Convenient
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    The whole point of a RSS aggregator script is, you likely have guessed, to allow your site to be added to RSS news aggregators automatically. This is convenient for you as you do not have to do this manually. More importantly, it is convenient for your readers because they can find their favorite web content, your web content, in one centralized location. This saves them time and a lot of effort. After all, the average web user does not follow just one blog. If you save them having to visit multiple sites, you save them time and grow their love for you.

  • It Can Grow Your Traffic
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    According to Drew Halpern of social triggers, by using an online RSS aggregator script he was able to grow his subscriptions by 16% in a little over three weeks. If you write quality, engaging content to draw readers in and keep them there, then you can use the best RSS aggregators to grow your own web subscribers by a similar amount. However, the operative, important part there is quality, engaging content. If the content is poor, no amount of RSS syndication will help to gain you a steady flow of readers.

  • It is Increasingly Shareable
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    This is the social age. According to Pew Internet, 72% of all adult web users are using at least one popular social media platform. With the rise of popular social RSS applications, like Pulse and Flowreader, it is now easier than ever for users to share the content from their RSS subscriptions with friends and family. By adding a RSS aggregator script into your site’s HTML, you can take advantage of easy web-sharing.

Getting traffic and recognition on the increasingly crowded world wide web is as much a matter of hard work as it is a matter of good luck. However, by writing great content and effectively using RSS to syndicate your website, you greatly improve your web presence. It is free, it is convenient, and it works. Get out there and put it to use!