The Basics of Roofing Lines – Family Dinners

The roof is a part of your home. The roof is the most complex part of your home and requires attentiveness from a professional. To properly maintain and repair a roof, roofing contractors have to understand the structure of their roof. This video breaks down the most fundamental lines of a roof that a roofer needs to know.

We’ll start at the bottom. The eave is the closest portion of the roof the floor (unless you count drainage pipes that are connected to gutters). They’re parallel to the ground, and often have the gutters connected. They aren’t damaged by the roof’s pitch or steepness.

The roof’s edges are called”rakes. They’re constructed at an angle relative to the ground. They match the pitch of the roof surface the roof is placed onto. Ridges are the next line. They are situated at the point where the two roof facets meet. They are vertical and parallel to the ground.

They also develop when two sides meet. They create a corner in which the roof protrudes out. The valley is the opposite of the hip. These are formed when two surfaces meet. They have a downward slope.

You can find more details in the video.