Spiders Cause Auto Recall? Three Sites for RSS News

Are you looking for the best RSS news feeds? It’s easy to set up an RSS feed with the help of sites like Feedly and The Old Reader, but it’s not always so easy to figure out which news feeds are worth adding for the updates you want. For this reason, here is our best RSS news feeds list for you to choose from.

1. Google News

Google News is an obvious choice for an RSS news aggregator because it pulls from many news sites around the world, and delivers the latest information possible on a range of topics. Today, a federal air marshal has been arrested after being accused of taking phone pictures under women’s skirts as they boarded flights in Nashville. A witness noticed what Adam Bartsch was doing and grabbed his phone, then notified a flight attendant. He was taken off the flight and his case is pending investigation.

2. CNN

CNN is a reliable choice for top news headlines. Like many larger news sites, CNN actually devotes a page to RSS options. This way, you can have a choice in the updates you can receive. You can get their latest videos, the most popular posts, technology posts, etc. This week, Toyota is recalling almost 1,000,000 vehicles because of a spider problem. Apparently, their webs can create blockage in a drainage tube, causing water to drip into an airbag control module and short circuit. This could even cause the airbag to deploy. So far, there have been 35 cases of this reported.

3. Fox News

Although it has sometimes been billed “conservative propaganda,” it’s fair to say that Fox is still one of the larger news stations in the country. Like CNN, they have a list for specific RSS aggregator news feeds you can add. Today, they are runny a story about 14 year old Avonte Fontaine, an autistic boy who inexplicably ran out of his school in October 4th and is still missing. Authorities are hoping he will listen to the recordings from his mother and “come to the flashing lights.” Avonte is unable to communicate verbally, and there is a $70,000 reward being offered for information as to his whereabouts.

What do you think are the best RSS websites?