Sewer Line Installation Instructions In Bakersfield – Work Flow Management

Deo films a video of a live sewerline installation at Bakersfield. Below is a quick explanation of the procedure based on the video.

Excavating along the trench line is the first phase of the installation of sewer lines. Prior to digging, calculations should be done on the level, slope and length of pipe to be installed. This is accomplished mechanically by making use of excavators in order to lower the sandy material in storage containers for trucks. When a suitable stretch of road is dug, the site engineers move forward with the laying of pipes. This involves the laying of pipes before setting up bed sand. One can see from the video that there are two types of pipes. One has an O-ring marking which is put into the pipe prior to applying the coating of lubricant.

In the event that the trench is extended all the way to the trench line, this procedure will also be subject to a functionality test. Once satisfied, the backfilling of the trench is in force. Thus, sewer line installation is an extremely precise job that needs to have calculated planning, precise group coordination and continual monitoring. hn5hdyqsvs.