Roof Preventative Maintenance Checklist For Madison County – Madison County Chamber of Commerce News

Gather Roof Records

The idea may be that it isn’t on your checklist, but the most important thing is the history of your roofing maintenance and repairs. This helps you determine how healthy your roof is and what is it doing, and when it might require replacement. Keep records from the point of installation , which include repairs, re-shingling and roof maintenance, as well as any gutter replacements.

This is particularly true of roof repairs. The first thing which can go wrong is a repair that has been done previously, especially if the repair was not performed by an expert roofing expert. Each repair to your roof should be listed separately in the list of preventative maintenance for your roof to ensure that roof inspections in the future could inspect the repair areas. It will help ensure that any previous problems are addressed and continue to function as intended.

Be on the lookout for evidence of damage Within Your Residence for signs of damage.

The attic’s interior is where the greatest signs of water damage can be seen. It is possible to find damp insulation, water spots, mold, structural damage, or areas in which light has entered. Be sure to inspect ceilings in lower levels as well. Be aware of beams that are sagging cracks, cracks and stained water marks that may be indicators that your house has structural damage.

Additional warning indicators include an unpleasant smell in particular rooms. It is possible to spot spots that are visible on walls outside. Not a good sign are the appearance of bulging areas or cracks in the inside walls. Leaks can be a very noticeable sign your roof is no longer safe for your home.

For finding and fixing leaks, call a professional roofing company. This is yet another project you should not transform into a DIY disaster. Let the pros handle your roofing.

Proper maintenance includes proper attic insulation

Reduce your utility bill by adding an attic insulation inspection onto your to-do list.