How to Use RSS

The internet is a really big place. If only there was a way to gather all of the online headlines, blogs, and stories you want to read in one, convenient place. We have all seen those RSS feed orange buttons on websites. Did you know what they actually do? An RSS feed, otherwise known as really simple syndication, is a way to aggregate all of the updated content and news that resides on the internet and that is most relevant to you. Rather than searching through site upon site skimming for stories that interest you, an online RSS aggregator, such as a WordPress RSS aggregator, allows you to subscribe to websites and get the most updated content sent directly to your RSS reader.

There are hundreds of RSS news aggregator out there, and there really is no best RSS aggregator. Most, however, are cloud based or software based RSS feed aggregator, such as the WordPress RSS aggregator. Once you subscribe, RSS aggregator runs in the background and waits for your favorite websites to post new content. Once new content is available, the RSS aggregator sends you an alert. RSS can be used for more than just news; music, podcasts, videos and even eBay can be subscribed to!

According to RSS usage trends and statistics, as of February 2013 there were more than 12.6 million sites using RSS including blogs using WordPress RSS aggregator. Business and news sites are the top users of RSS, and account for 13 percent and 15 percent, respectively. Technology, shopping, entertainment, social, and adult sites that integrate RSS technology follow closely behind. Blogs are also increasing as more and more blog owners incorporate RSS, such as a WordPress RSS aggregator, into their blog.

If you are the owner of a blog or site looking to incorporate RSS, such as a WordPress RSS aggregator, the process is fairly simple and straightforward; you just need a little code to input into your sites HTML editor. Specifically, WordPress provides a very simple WordPress RSS aggregator plug in that you can quickly incorporate into your blog. There are also thorough instructions on how to install a WordPress RSS aggregator. To insert an RSS feed from another site, you simply need to insert the URL into your HMTL editor. The benefits of being a publisher of an RSS feed for website means you can reach bigger audiences, it improves the search engine optimization ranking of your site or blog, and it is a lot cheaper and easier than other internet marketing strategies, such as advertising and email blast campaigns. Additionally, because subscriptions to an RSS feed for website is completely 100 percent user opt in, you know that the content reaching your target audience will be well received.