How to Choose the Best Hardwood Floors – Shopping Video

his video till the end to get a handful of beneficial advice.

What kind of hardwood floor are you looking for? It’s possible to select between solid hardwood or engineering hardwood. Solid hardwood floors are comprised out of one wood plank. Engineering hardwood floors are made up of several planks. Solid hardwood floors are easier to fix than engineering hardwoods.

The sort of wood matters. There are more than 29 types of woodslike the walnut, oak or maple. Cherry, oak, and so on. Each species of wood has its own properties and can differ in terms of durability. Therefore, select the right wood.

If you are considering flooring made of hardwood, the first step is to select the type of grain and choices for finishing. Choose whether you want either a shiny or minimalist look. There are two options for finishing pre-finished and unfinished. Pre-finished is a good option since it is already prepared. Unfinished requires some extra finishing after installation.

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