How Can You Stay in Touch with All Your Websites? Three Options for Top RSS Aggregators

What exactly is an RSS aggregator? If RSS is blueberries, think of RSS aggregator readers as the farmer. The blueberries exist either way, but without the farmer, you can never access them or enjoy them. In other words, an RSS aggregator takes RSS feeds and actually shows them to you in a way you can understand. People often use RSS aggregators, or readers, to get one stop updates from all their favorites news sources and websites. Here is a list of the best RSS aggregators available right now.

1. Feedly

If you’re familiar with the infamous shut down of popular RSS aggregator Google Reader back in July 2013, then you might have heard about Feedly. Until then it was a popular alternative, and after Google announced the imminent shutdown, it gained three million followers over two weeks. Feedly is a nice RSS feed aggregator because it uses cloud based data, which allows for instant synching across multiple devices. It has a minimalist design, similar to Google Reader, and feed organization is easy to figure out and use.

2. The Old Reader

Despite its title, The Old Reader is not a grandpa style outdated RSS site. Instead, it’s one of the leading services on the market. The Old Reader, on top of being good with all the basic functions you’d expect, is also well equipped for socializing, allowing you to follow other users, and for them to follow you. The only downside to The Old Reader, bumping it down from number one, is that it lacks a mobile application.

3. WordPress

Many people are already familiar with WordPress, so this might make for an easier transition than usual. The majority of its users rate it as five out of five stars, and it has also been translated into Italian. Although the WordPress RSS aggregator might not be one of the big five readers like The Old Reader and Feedly, it’s worth mentioning since people often want an aggregator that bases itself out of the sites they use most, for optimal viewing experiences. WordPress RSS aggregator is definitely one of the better small, personalized readers out there.

What online RSS aggregator do you use? Let us know in the comments