Four Things That Make The World’s Best RSS Aggregator

Using an RSS feed is an excellent method to keep yourself informed on various subjects ranging from art to sports to science to entertainment. But how will you know which feed to pick, and which aggregator is best? Follow these instructions to find out.

One, the best RSS aggregator pulls these news articles and subject areas together and presents the found information in a lovely format that is at once simple to read and simple to navigate through. The top RSS feed aggregator has this sole purpose, so you would think that all of them would use this strategy. However, some are clunky and others are downright impossible to navigate, but the best RSS aggregator is so simple to navigate and use that it does not feel like you are doing anything at all.

Two, the best RSS aggregator looks nice. Yes, design does matter here. Not every online RSS aggregator looks very nice, and that can turn off some people. It also shows that the administrator behind the RSS news aggregator does not care enough to make this aggregator presentable to users. Design says an awful lot about these aggregators and about the people who are running the show behind them. So steer clear of aggregators that do not look all that nice, as it could be an indication that it is not the best RSS aggregator.

Three, the best RSS aggregator has been developed by a memorable brand name. For instance, a WordPress RSS aggregator is very well known because WordPress is used by thousands, if not tens of thousands, of users today. People are familiar with the brand and trust it, either because they have used it in other fashions themselves or because someone else has recommended it to them. So if possible, stick with aggregators that have names that are familiar to you. This should result in the best RSS aggregator for your needs.

Four, the best RSS aggregator is free. Never feel the need to pay for such services, even if you feel that you should pay for services are warranted. Top aggregators make you feel as if you should be paying for them, so this is perfectly normal. After all, some machine of sorts is automatically pulling together news articles on specific topics you have highlighted. It is like having a personal assistant, whom you would pay. But stick to free sites, which are almost always as good as ones that charge you.