Did You Know About the Special Techniques Roofers Use When Working in High Wind Areas? – Melrose Painting

Roof projects, such as wind-ballasted roofing, will usually stop when winds reach 35 mph. In the UK roofers are instructed through the National Federation of Roofing Contractors to stop a project temporarily in the event of a constant winds of 23 mph and greater. An anemometer, a tiny device that measures wind speed during the course of work, is employed to determine the wind speed.

If you are laying out rolls of materials like felt it is important to take care because wind may raise the materials and cause roofers to lose their feet, leading to a tumble. It is crucial that the felt is not lifted, but laid on top of the roof.

Roofers may also employ safety harness systems to help prevent falls. The harnesses comprise a strap for the bodyand anchor points that are fixed onto a roof truss near the top, and materials such as bungee, rope, or other rope to connect the anchor to it. In the event that a roofer gets blown away from their roof, anchor points are secured onto the truss. t53al69a7d.