Crazy Case Ends in Millions of Damages – United States Laws

Millions of dollars can be made by one person. The situation was different recently. An individual was believed to be a shoplifter by Walmart. But there was more to the story. You can find out more details by watching this documentary.

In this case, the woman claimed that her transactions were not recorded correctly by the check-out clerk. The store’s staff questioned her after she left the shop. Walmart then demanded $200 as settlement. This is not typical for businesses to demand the amount in this way. She believed that she was correct to reject. Because of the reputational damage Walmart had caused the company, she filed a lawsuit. If you are in the same situation, contact criminal lawyers in the event that you are in similar situations. The court could not come up with any evidence of any wrongdoing committed by the woman in this instance. Instead, they demanded that Walmart pay punitive damages in the amount of 2 million dollars to the lady. Walmart has a history of pursuing shoplifters without any proof.