Common Chimney Problems – The Interstate Moving Companies

The issues can get more severe over time which could lead to home fires. The following video will discuss chimney fires that homeowners must be informed of.

Occupation is the first issue. Similar to your gutters you must ensure there isn’t debris blocking the chimney opening. Leaf, bird nests branches, and excessive soot will block the chimney. If the chimney is clogged, toxic fumes and the smoke of the fireplace will get into the home and put residents at risk.

Creosote is the result of a mix of soot and tar. It’s found in the chimney’s lining and needs to be cleaned regularly to avoid a buildup. Creosote can be a fire hazard, and it’s a potential cause of disaster when it’s not properly cleaned.

There may be issues with the masonry of the chimney, as well. To make sure that the mortar, bricks and stones are intact the best suggestion to get mason. If enough water damageto the chimney, it could fail completely. Bricks can cause injury to the home, and even roll off the roof.

You can find more details in the video.