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d disaster recovery are not identical. Business continuity and disaster recovery are two distinct concepts. The first is to make sure your business is running during an emergency. Other is to help the system to be rebuilt after it happens. Both of them are required because it is difficult to conduct normal business activities if there is no power or internet connectivity at the location the business’s location. Let’s examine each one individually.

A business continuity strategy outlines steps that employees can take even if they aren’t able to access information technology resources (like computers) and includes everything from making requests for supplies to how data will be kept and retrieved. It should include ways to share the most important information and directions that management officials have developed over time. Also, it should include instructions on what to do should infrastructure be destroyed by natural disasters/acts terrorism or internal events like human error.

The prevention of losses can be the ideal way to reduce the risk of future losses. Businesses will flourish in the event that you recognize your weak spots. Security is a great option for businesses to put their money into. When you’re thinking about security methods that are digital or simpler like getting an expert locksmith to protect your premises, you should not be able to afford to cut corners on security for your business.

7. Email Encryption and Archiving Service

The process of encryption in email is that converts plain text into an unreadable format to ensure only authorized people have access to the data. This process requires applying algorithms to the message. These make them inaccessible to any person who doesn’t have the right decryption keys. Email encryption ensures that only recipients who have been specifically identified are able to view your corporate emails as well as documents. This service will allow the sending and receiving of emails